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The World-Wide Fellowship of Polio Warriors

Your Companion for Post-Polio Syndrome

Your Fellowship welcomes all survivors of polio, regardless of your gender, nationality, no, or your religion, and creed, only that you are a survivor of the polio virus infection, and will help us to raise the awareness of post-polio syndrome, so that there is not one polio survivor who thinks that they are alone, ignored, or neglected, whatever their home country.

We have a free Android Smartphone App called Polio Warriors, and an accompanying website called www.poliowarrior.comĀ  both containing a wealth of useful information on the management of the symptoms of Post-Polio Syndrome.

You can download our App from here

  • Registered with the UK Register of Charities ( England & Wales ) with the Registered Charity Number 1185463

    What do you do when the doctor you are meeting with tells you that they know absolutely nothing about the condition that you, and more than 20 million others, are living with for the last 40 years, and so they are unable to help you - You come here, of course, and look at the vast selection of information and advice that we have available to help you find some relief from the symptoms of Post-Polio Syndrome

    All of the work that we do, the websites and App, 'Polio Warrior', and of course membership of our Fellowship, is free and we do not ask for any membership fees. We rely solely on donations, large or small, every donation received helps us to continue the work that we are doing for every one of the 20 million Polio Survivors around the world. Many of us have no access to appropriate medical and welfare support, and this must change.

    Please help us to contact every GP and Primary Carer in the UK to ask them to add the question "Did you have Polio as a child?" This will avoid misdiagnose, incorrect medication and the obvious disasterous results.


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    George and the stream

    George has been to the local market and purchased a dog, a chicken, and a bag of grain. To arrive home George has to cross a stream by wading through it. He can only carry one of his purchases at a time. If he leaves the dog alone with the chicken, the chicken will be eaten, and if he leaves the chicken alone with the grain, the grain will be eaten, so how does George get all three of his purchases across the stream. .